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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation for academic staff on the campus is, like many of the processes here, largely decentralized. While this strategy allows our various colleges and units great flexibility in meeting their particular needs, it can create some confusion on how beginning salaries are determined and how merit and equity increases are allocated.

Academic professional staff compensation is not centrally governed by a union collective-bargaining agreement. However, a minimum annual salary level is set each year and distributed by the Office of the Provost. While the Office of the Provost always has final approval of any academic hire on the campus, generally, decisions regarding titles, duties and compensation of academic staff are determined by policies and processes of the hiring college or unit.

During the past few years, the campus has been working with academic staff members to create a more-consistent framework of compensation, hiring and working-environment guidelines for the campus as a whole. This ongoing effort is coordinated by the Office of the Provost.

The Council of Academic Professionals, a campuswide, elected body, also is active in efforts to build a standardized foundation of policies and processes for continuing academic staff.

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